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Small Animal Care

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Dogs and cats differ in more than just personality, they have important differences in anatomy and physiology that need to be considered during medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. At KVS we make a concerted effort to stay abreast of new information and technology that will allow us to stay current and competent in canine and feline medicine. Small Animal Image 2Small Animal Image 3One example is Dr. Kennedy’s participation in VIN (Veterinary Information Network) a worldwide web based community of over 42,000 veterinarians sharing information and expertise over the Internet.

Physical examination is the single most important aspect of any type of real medicine and is often the most overlooked. The amount of information that can be gathered by a good physical examination is tremendous and if used properly it can provide a solid basis for selection of additional diagnostic tests. For more information on our approach to medical diagnosis, please see our general Medicine page.

Examinations can take place in either an appointment or drop off setting. Drop off appointments allow us to keep your pet for several hours and this often is best for complicated or serious cases because it gives us more time to gather information and perform necessary diagnostics. Animals that are left with us for this type of workup will often get several examinations during the course of the day as we work up the diagnosis. Small Animal Image 4Small Animal Image 5This is especially relevant to cats, a species that often needs time to settle in and adjust to new situations. We love both dogs and cats, and do our best to make them comfortable while they are with us, but we also recognize that cats require a special approach to have good outcomes in diagnosis and treatment. Accordingly we tailor our examination protocols, diagnostics, and treatments to best suit the type of animal we are working with.

In addition to cats and dogs we also treat many less common pets such as ferrets, rabbits, reptiles and birds.

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