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Medicine 1Medical knowledge and capability are expanding at a staggering rate, and veterinary medicine is no exception. It is no longer possible for any one individual to stay abreast of this vast body of information. Accordingly, it has become necessary to effectively manage information. Computer technology is essential to the storage and retrieval of the information we need to do the best job possible for our patients and clients.

Medicine 2At KVS all medical records are digital. In addition to the usual notes, findings, diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatment plans, we can store digital photographs, micrographs, and radiographs right in the patient record. Special conditions can be flagged for alerts.

Dr. Kennedy is a member of VIN (Veterinary Information Network), an association of thousands of veterinarians all over the world who communicate and share information over the internet. In addition to having access to a huge library of veterinary medical knowledge, member veterinarians can post difficult cases on line and get opinions and ideas from the membership body, which includes board certified specialists. It is an incredibly useful resource that is used daily in our practice.


Medicine 3You may have come to this website because you have a sick animal, don't have an established relationship with a local veterinary clinic, and are trying to get a feel for how we do things. Admittedly it can be tough because, let's face it, websites are a form of advertising and naturally they are designed to make the advertised entity look good. Medicine 4So instead of bragging about our high tech diagnostic equipment and our fundamental medical excellence, we would like to share a very general explanation of how we deal with complicated, difficult cases.

The most important part of any diagnostic work–up is the physical examination combined with a logical, stepwise application of further diagnostic testing. In other words, we prefer to think hard about which tests are really needed, take one step at a time and then—based upon whatever new information we have collected—try to proceed in the most logical direction. You are an important factor in this process and will be consulted at each step. Diagnostic testing is expensive. We provide you with options and will try to do our best to explain the rationale, risks, benefits, and cost of each. You decide what we do next. Medicine 5If you can't afford our first recommendation we will work out another option. We don't use guilt or coercion.

This type of approach has been shown to dramatically reduce the number of expensive and unnecessary tests, sharpen our diagnostic logic, and—whether you are rich or poor—it is just better medicine. Our concept of high quality medicine is not driven by the corporations that provide us with equipment, test reagents and the latest drugs, although they do try. It is formed by scientific evidence, continuing education, common sense and, most importantly, what will be the most helpful protocol for your situation. If we adopted a so called "gold standard" of treatment and applied it to every situation, we would be deceiving ourselves and doing a disservice to you and your pet. We are here to help.


As with our surgical cases, referral to board certified specialists is always available for difficult to diagnose and/or manage medical cases.

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