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Kelli Kidd

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Kelli Kidd has been with Kennedy Veterinary Services since its beginning and is both a Licensed Veterinary Technician and our practice manager.  Kelli was born in Kodiak, Alaska, and lived there until the age of thirteen when her family moved to Milton-Freewater, Oregon. 

Kelli KiddIn March of 2000, she joined Kennedy Mobile Veterinary Services as the clinic’s first (and at that time, only) employee.  Although bringing five years of veterinary assistant experience to the job, Kelli was not really prepared for the leadership role she was about to receive when, in early summer of the same year, the professional service managing the new clinic suddenly and unexpectedly withdrew.  Abruptly, Kelli found herself managing the entire clinic operation with essentially no business training, while still working as Dr. Kennedy’s only assistant. 

Kelli 3This sudden (and stressful) transition turned out to be the major turning point for Kennedy Veterinary Services.  Kelli quickly learned to deal with all the complexities and challenges that face new businesses, as well as the special circumstances of a brand new practice starting up in an area that was already well covered with established veterinary clinics.  She introduced a no-nonsense business approach that questioned everything about the way small businesses and veterinary clinics are operated, and she fashioned a new business model vastly superior to the traditional, often inefficient, veterinary paradigm.

Kelli OSUIn 2012, Kelli entered a new phase of her career when she was accepted into veterinary medical college at Oregon State University.  Despite the challenges of such an intensive program, Kelli has continued as our practice manager: a remarkable, if not unheard of, feat.  She now does her work via phone and secure internet access.  Upon graduation in 2016, she plans to return to Milton-Freewater as a practicing veterinarian in our clinic.

As a veterinary student, Kelli is active in the International Veterinary Student Association and has participated with other students and veterinarians in providing veterinary medical services to residents of a remote area in Nicaragua.  Kelli Pic 3She enjoys the teamwork and challenges of working in less than ideal conditions and would like to continue to participate in international veterinary medicine programs throughout her veterinary career.

With grit and hard work, Kelli has presided over the transformation of an improbable startup into one of the most successful and unique veterinary clinics in the region.  Today she continues to manage, with intelligence and flexibility, an operation that has grown and prospered despite tough economic times.

Kelli has a passion for all aspects of veterinary medicine.  Although a lover of all types of animals, she is especially fond of cats, and is considered to be our expert in feline nursing care. In her spare time she is a serious vegetable gardener, loves to hike and camp, and makes tile mosaic art.  Kelli has one son, Coltyn, and a variety of pets with eccentric names.

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