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Clinic Cats

Baby CatWe have two office cats and one "guard cat". Baby Cat and Blueberry live 100 % of the time in our front office and lobby area. The cat tree in the lobby is for them although they usually don't use it much during clinic business hours because they are shy. Both of them have beds under the reception desk. Blueberry CatThey have definite "routines" during the day, for example, Baby Cat likes to sleep on the copy machine in the morning, and Blueberry spends most afternoons sleeping on the window sill by Kelli's desk. Baby Cat came to us because she was no longer compatible with her previous home. Blueberry came to us as a stray kitten; she was found on the side of the road after her mother was hit by a car. Both cats are totally adapted to the clinic as their home and show no interest in wanting to go outside.

Our guard cat, Weebles, lives in the hospital ward area of the clinic. Her mother was a feral cat that came in to be spayed and she was nearly full term so the kittens were delivered and cared for by the clinic staff. Weebles CatAll four kittens were affected by a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia which resulted from prenatal exposure to feline panleukopenia virus. The condition results in severe incoordination of movement. Two of the other kittens died very young. Another litter mate, named Merlin, was with us for 4 years before he passed on. Weebles cannot walk normally but she can move about in her own erratic style. She stays in her pen during the day but she has access to most of the building during each evening. To an observer that is unfamiliar with her condition and situation, her jerky, "drunken" style of movement might seem sad or alarming, but Weebles is a very happy cat that seems to enjoy life very much. She is very mischevious; when possible she likes to "terrorize" Blueberry and Baby Cat. We originally kept her because she was virtually unadoptable. Now she is an important part of our family and Kennedy Veterinary Services is her home.

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