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On March 1st, 2000, Kennedy Mobile Veterinary Services was launched, the first full service mobile clinic of its kind in the Walla Walla area.  Equipped with examination areas, hospital cages, blood chemistry and cytology analyzers, x-ray equipment, on board computers, a dental suite, pharmacy and surgery room, the clinic made daily rounds in Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater for five years.  It also serviced Dayton, Waitsburg, Touchet, Weston, Athena and Tollgate.  As the practice grew, the mobile services' home base at 1016 South Main in Milton-Freewater was gradually converted, first into a surgery, and then into a full service veterinary clinic.  The support staff grew from one veterinary technician to four licensed veterinary technicians plus additional support personnel.  Today, we are still improving our practice’s infrastructure and quality.  Our history and circumstances of constant change have resulted in a practice philosophy suited to adaptation, innovation and flexibility.


We could give you a mission statement detailing our commitment to high medical standards and compassionate care, but veterinary clinic mission statements all tend to say roughly the same thing. We would rather just say that we will do our best for you and your pet with the highest quality medicine relevant to your situation.  That being said, we would like to share a few of our core practice philosophies.

We are committed to pet population control.  Pet overpopulation results in neglect and early death for too many animals. It causes both economic and environmental damage and is rooted in ignorance.  We support spay and neuter programs through animal welfare groups, and we work hard to provide reasonably priced pet sterilization surgery for the general public. Additionally, we will not use our medical knowledge to enhance canine or feline pregnancy rates.

Veterinary medicine should focus on what is best for our animal companions.  It is too common for pets, dogs and cats especially, to be treated as disposable inconveniences when they suddenly require medical care.  At the other end of the spectrum, some pets are excessively treated with advanced medical technology with the result of poor quality of life and increased suffering.  It is a matter of responsibility and compassion, not economics.  We will do our best to provide you with the guidance and expertise required to enhance your pet's quality of life.

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